Free Extra Large Eggs for Members only


  • eggs brand or packing may vary
  • this item is for paid members only
  • every paid member can order 1 dozen extra-large eggs for $0, for each order
  • valid one year for annual paid members, 1 month for monthly paid members (not valid for expired or terminated members)
  • Maximum pickup is 50 dozens (600 extra-large eggs- value $200+) for free per annual member
  • join an annual member for $30, get $200+ back, and money-earning <sharing account>, and more…
  • Share with  your friends, get cash rewards, save money and earn money, click here for details
  • This promotion is valid until Jun. 30, 2021, for those who joined this program during that period, can continue to pick up free eggs before their membership of the current phase expires

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