1 Pinkglow Pinapple – Delmont-the most expensive pinapple

$62.00 $49.00

  • to be considered the most expensive pineapple in the world
  • from Delmont, exclusively grow in Costarica, for details, check their  website 
  • Jewel of the Jungle
  • Experience a taste of a remote paradise where compasses spin wildly, life is over-the-top, and pineapples are pink.
  • great gifts to a friends
  • The pink pineapples are said to be less sour, juicier, and sweeter than their yellow cousins and to have “notes of candy pineapple aromatics.”
  • can book here ( no immediate shipment) -this is new to the Canada market, waiting for the arrival
  • 8 buyers in a group, only 3 paid buyers randomly chosen can obtain the product, and the left 5 will be fully refunded with a $5 cash reward for their participants. those who need this product and have not obtain it in the last group buy group, may join the next groups, until getting the product.
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