Where is my sharing account, how to do referring ?

  • After you join member, log in to your account, click the ” head image “at the right corner of the home page,
  • you can find your “sharing account” from “my account”


  • click marketing > affiliate> affiliate link and QR code


  • here you may find your referral link:  https://shop4fresh.com/?ref=your user name


  • or download your Qrcode

Copy your referral link, you may use your mobile phone to text message this link to your friend when your friend clicks the link, will enter the website, and after he/she registers, the referral relation will be built for life long, as long as you keep your membership valid.  or you may also embed this link to the articles you write, and anyone who clicks this link and register works too. Please be noticed that one can only have one referral, if someone is referred by somebody, you can not build another referral again.

Print your Qrcode, let your friend scan this Qrcode, and register also can build the referral relationship